Your business plan is a critical piece for the success of your future business. 
It is also a necessary piece to receiving the funding needed to open your business, whether a loan or through investors. We can help you think through all the critical aspects of your business and then document them. This process helps to refine your thinking of exactly how your business will look and operate in a very strategic way. We can help you see the forest through the trees.


Your growth strategy can encompass multiple facets including increasing your market share, developing new products and services, expanding locations or into new markets, and diversifying your business model. We can help you decide which strategies are best for you, prioritize where to begin and implement your plan of action.  


All successful companies not only need to manage their profitability, they also need to manage their cash flow and have a strong balance sheet. We can help you find areas for improvement in all three of these areas. Our in-depth analysis of your financial statements will lead us to many opportunities to strengthen your financial position. With this strong financial position, you will be able to create a rainy-day fund, provide more benefits to your employees, donate more to your community and give yourself a better quality of life.


Through financial analysis, operation observations and strategic questions,
we can help you find efficiencies in your operations that will help create more streamlined processes and systems, better cash flow and profitability, and a better customer experience.


Many CEO’s, small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the support system needed to help them tackle the obstacles they face every day in their business. My years of experience working as a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer give me a unique ability to help you work through any problem you may encounter.  


Your story is important. And telling that story on a personal level is even more important. We can help you share your story and connect with your followers. The proper and effective use of Social Media is to build community, conversation and relationships with your audience. Proper implementation of Social Media channels that will further build your brand, loyal customer base and community.


Financial Review – Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Analysis, Revenue Growth Planning, Cost Controls, Contract Negotiations, Budgeting, Technology Review, Operational Systems Review, Vendor Review, Leadership and Mentorship, Human Resources knowledge, Marketing, Ownership Transition and Acquisition, Customer Feedback and General Business Knowledge.