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Updated: Jan 16

How many times have we heard when someone passes away from Covid, “yeahbut they had an underlying condition”. Does this mean their life was worth any less than someone else? Is it ok that they are no longer with us? Do their family and loved ones dismiss their passing because of this “underlying condition”? Their life is being diminished by such a statement.

“Yeahbut” and other qualifier statements are a form of bias that need to be called out. These statements are used purposefully to diminish the situation of others. It could be for reasons of race, religion, political affiliation, where someone lives, gender preference, any number of reasons. 

“Yeahbut” is utilized all the time by people to minimize the effects of some action in order to justify their lack of compassion for the person involved. It’s a way to make it sound like that person deserved what happened to them.

“This person was killed in cold blood." “Yeahbut they had a criminal record and should have been in prison anyway."

I’ve literally heard this statement and unfortunately I’m sure others have as well. 

When injustice happens to others perceived as different from ourselves, “yeahbut” is utilized to explain why it is ok. We see it used against people, animals, plants and the planet as a whole.

“Climate change is happening." "Yeahbut I don’t want to make any changes in my life.”

“People don’t have enough food." "Yeahbut they should work harder."

"Many communities don’t have the resources that we do." "Yeahbut they just need to move out of there.” 

Only compassion and community can solve the problems of this country. Solving devastating situations should not be put squarely on the back of the people affected.

We must all find compassion for others and stop using “yeahbut” statements. Every Being on this planet deserves better. What are you going to do?

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