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Will You Be Bradshaw or the Bear?

Updated: Jan 16

The first time I heard this story I laughed out loud. If you tune into yourself and others, you will see how Bradshaw is spot on. All the pain in this world is rooted in fear. Fear then manifests as insecurity. Insecurity is too often unconsciously projected as cruelty towards others. This is very prevalent in our society today. People lash out at anyone they deem different from themselves or has a different perspective. We see it every day on Facebook, in the news and worst of all, by the leaders of our country.

Most people are wounded from some event(s) that occurred in their life. They don’t even realize it, just like the bear in this story. It could be the lack of love from a parent or from a dysfunctional family for various reasons. Maybe it was from early education experiences with teachers or classmates. No matter what the reason, we as humans feel we must protect and bury our wounds instead of healing them. 

We often see anger, intimidation, aggression and bullying used to hide the deep wounded Self. These people are especially protective of their 'wound' but often don’t realize they are even wounded. People build an impenetrable fortress around their 'wound' so that it doesn’t have to be faced. This in turn stops them from living a truly fulfilled life of joy.

First we must confront our own 'wounds'. Knowing that others have been 'wounded' as well, is the first step in cultivating compassion. Until we commit to do 'the work' every day in confronting our own wounds, we will never see a world filled with compassion for all Beings and this planet. What is your wound you need to face?

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