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What Does a Second Career Look Like? Or is it Second Careers, plural?

I grew up believing that a career should look a certain way: The traditional, 40+ hour work week. I can hear one of my favorite big hair songs playing in my head: "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy~ (que up video here: volume up).

When did this belief that we have to work these stereotypical hours overshadow following our passion and undermine our creativity to make a living?

When I took the leap to follow my dreams, I knew I wanted to work with my wife Maria to help grow her skincare business, Rosey Skin Care. I wanted to be involved more with the planning of events on our farm, Rooted Soul Farm Retreats. We wanted to create a space for Community which involved brainstorming upcoming Markets at The Vintage Chicken. (These are all businesses that Maria and I now manage).

I knew I wanted to follow that yearning within and I knew it involved changing everything I had initially thought to be 'true.'

Maria and I work together every day of the week— and it doesn’t matter if it’s 6 am or 6 pm. We work together in all aspects of these businesses. This now includes me selling skincare items directly to people at Markets, Art Fairs and Holiday Events. 

My biggest surprise in all of this is that I LOVE selling directly to customers. I love engaging and connecting with hundreds of people in a day while having the continual thrill of selling them a product I believe in. Knowing that I am selling a product that I am passionate about and that my customer will love is a huge part of this. There's nothing better than following that passion and seeing it through beginning to end.

I do all this alongside my growing consulting business, Resilient Insight, where I help small-business owners and entrepreneurs pursue and fulfill their dreams. Pursuing all of these passions allows me to feel complete.

Where do your passions lie? When was the last time you got so wrapped up in something, you forgot what time it was? This is where the gift is.

Is there a second career or a hobby or a love of something that you want to pursue?

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