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The Great Environmental Lie

Updated: Jan 16

There was a day not so long that caring about the environment was not a politicized issue. It was the idea that clean water, clean air, “living” soil, trees, wild animals, preserving places of beauty and uniqueness, were all positive notions. This doesn’t take into account the very visible evidence that our polar ice caps are melting, many species of animals have already vanished, natural disasters are intensifying, there is horrible pollution in our oceans and any number of other glaring issues.

So how did we get here?

We have been sold a LIE from people who don’t care about us or our planet. They run the oil, gas and coal industries that are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. These people are the financial winners in our planet’s destruction. They’ve gotten us to believe there is no alternative to fossil fuels and to even try would bring economic ruin to our country. How does that even make sense? All throughout history we’ve seen new industry overtake old and create new jobs, new opportunities and new investments options. 

This industry pumps millions of dollars into the pockets of our elected officials in order to get the votes to go their way. They use this money to lobby for destructive policies that ensure their continued power and money while the Earth and our future generations lose immensely. 

These people instill fear about how our lives will change for the worse. When in reality the change will be an exchange for something different that doesn’t destroy the planet. Does having an electric vehicle “change” your life from having a gasoline powered vehicle? Does having your home’s power come from the sun change how your home functions? 

We are told this will cost jobs and ruin our economy. How does one industry provide and the alternative not? It’s a lie. They have billions of dollars invested in the planet polluter industries. PR agencies are hired to beat the drums of fear. And we fall for it.

If we can take away the layer of politics, wouldn’t this notion of caring for our planet become logical? Isn’t it logical that one company has jobs just as the other? Isn’t it logical you can make money in one industry and the environmentally-friendly alternative? Isn’t it logical to start treating our planet’s finite resources as finite? Isn’t it logical to take away people’s (be that people or other countries) power from controlling these finite resources by converting to infinite resources? 

It’s up to us to push our government to stop allowing this destruction of Earth. We need to vote in people that aren’t 'on the take' by the fossil fuel industry. We need to demand investment in these new technologies that don’t pollute and destroy our planet. "We the People" need to do something.

What will you do to protect the planet for your great, great, grandchild?

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