The Fur Farm next door

In Wisconsin this week, it has come to light that Mink Farm workers are on the top of the list to receive Covid vaccines. Others in this grouping include essential workers, teachers and the elderly.

Why Mink farm workers might you ask? It turns out that Mink are susceptible to Covid. As you can imagine, when you have hundreds or thousands of mink in close proximity, the virus can spread quickly. This has caused Mink farms around the globe to have to cull many of their mink.

Wisconsin is the largest Mink pelt producing state in the US, with over 1 MILLION pelts per year. Nationwide that number is well over 3 MILLION pelts per year.

Think about what that means. We farm and kill over 3 MILLION animals with the primary purpose of nothing more than harvesting their fur. The fur associations do a 'great job' talking about how all of the Mink is utilized, not just their fur. Of course, this is just good business practice in a dirty business. They have figured out ways to profit from the bi-products. Make no mistake though, these little furry animals are killed for their fur.

World-wide, approximately 50 MILLION Mink are killed annually for their pelts. The world leader in production is Denmark. Other top producers are the Netherlands, China and Russia along with the US.

So where do all these pelts end up? We can’t claim the mass raising and killing of Mink in the category of sustaining human life. They are used almost exclusively for luxury clothing. Incidentally it take 50-60 Mink to make one fur coat.

Then let's not forget about the Fox. They too are farmed and killed for their fur to be used in luxury clothing. About 4 MILLION Fox per year.

Maybe Mink being susceptible to Covid is Mother Nature’s way to get us to look at the unnecessary breeding and killing of MILLIONS of animals. Like so many ways we interact with the resources of Earth, we always have a choice. Raising and killing animals for the sole purpose of luxury clothing is a dark spot on humanity.

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