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Thanksgiving and Christmas are over. Now What? Giving Thanks… Ongoing…

Updated: Jan 16

Winter Solstice sunset captured at Horicon Marsh

As we move beyond the holidays and all the feel good activities and gatherings, how do we continue to “give thanks”?

Gratitude is about showing appreciation and being thankful for everything in our lives. That means the people around us at home, in the workplace, in the grocery store and even the people driving with us in morning traffic. Our family pets, the food we eat, the cars we drive.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is this amazing Earth and this beautiful sunset Maria and I captured on Winter Solstice at the Horicon Marsh.

Anyone that has ever worked in a restaurant knows, there is no success in a restaurant without the dishwasher, cook, baker, server, busser, host or every other front-line employee. There isn’t success in any business without each of you and all of your co-workers. We must show gratitude towards all of them.

Remember to be kind to all these individuals and appreciate everything in your lives for the next 11 months until it’s officially time to “give thanks” again.

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