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Helpless or Empowered to Help the Environment?

Updated: Jan 16

This has been a question I’ve struggled with for some time. I see the wildfires, hurricanes, pollinators dying, contaminated water and droughts.. the list goes on; and I wonder “What can I possibly do?”.

Then I remember, it’s not just I. There are literally Billions of I’s on this planet. There are tons of logical, small changes each of us can make that won’t disrupt our lives to any great extent. It also doesn’t have to be a debate about global warming. Any change is the right step in helping the Earth thrive.

Now more than ever these small changes can lead to big results.

  1. Use a clothesline to dry your clothes in the appropriate seasons.

  2. Setup a Rain Barrel to use for watering outdoor vegetation. Saves precious water, money and is better for your plants than water coming through the water utility system.

  3. Turn on the “eco” in your vehicle or turn off the “sport” in your vehicle when you are just driving down a highway or interstate for long periods of time.

  4. Don’t use pesticides on your lawn except for when really necessary. I understand hornet nests in your yard usually can’t stay.

  5. Be cognizant of how long you are letting faucets run for a variety of reasons and also whether or not you need that water to be hot water or if it can be cold.

  6. Buy more products from local producers so that the products don’t get shipped long distances.

  7. Compost food scraps so they don’t end up in landfills where they create the greenhouse gas Methane.

  8. Grow a garden. You can create a lot of meals with only tomatoes, peppers and onions. Think pasta sauce, salsa, pizza sauce, tomato pies, etc. Every meal that you can swap some purchased products for home grown produce is a win.

  9. Plant your own fruit trees and berry bushes. This helps pollinators and gives you delicious food you don’t have to purchase from some far off land.

  10. Plant a couple of trees on your land.

  11. Run your washing machine on cold water instead of hot.

  12. Exchange a “red meat” meal for a vegetarian meal weekly.

  13. Purchase sustainable seafood. This is one we in the midwest don’t think about much. We know our local farmers but what about “local” fisheries? I utilize Sitka Salmon. They harvest sustainably and support the small, “local” fishing vessels.

  14. Make sure to use LED light bulbs.

  15. Swap out some of your household cleaners for vinegar water.

  16. Utilize glass containers for storing foods instead of plastic bags.

  17. Remember this one? ...Don’t use straws :-)

  18. When asked, “Do you need a bag” for your purchase at a store, do you really?

  19. Utilize your local library instead of always purchasing new books.

  20. Do e-subscriptions to magazines instead of receiving the printed copy.

This is a quick list of 20 things we can do right now that will make a huge difference if even a small part of the Billions of “I’s” participate.

"You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results." - mahatma gandhi

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