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Did You Have “Impossible” Turkey for Your Holiday Meal? These People Think You Will Very Soon

Updated: Jan 16

Imagine, just 15 years from now you’ll be sitting around your Thanksgiving table, all your family and loved ones surrounding you and your feast will be centered around ‘turkey’ that was created in a lab.

The people of RethinkX believe that in a meer 10 years, the agriculture industry as we know it will be pretty much dead. Fifteen years, and only a few boutique farmers will offer ‘real’ meat. When I first read this report I was appalled by this thought. As you dive into the reasons on why they believe this, it all sounds rational and even positive. Or does it? You decide...

Here are some of those key positives:

1. A decrease in ‘meat’ cost by at least 50% to consumers

2. Half of the oil the United States currently demands will be saved

3. Huge amounts of land currently used for food animals will be freed up for things like solar arrays and reforestation

4. Greenhouse gases drop by up to 80%

Here are some key concerns:

1. The livestock and commercial fishing industries will be decimated

2. Up to 1 million jobs will be lost in these industries (though this many will be created in other industries)

3. Farmland values will collapse

How do you feel about this? Great advancement in civilization or a nightmare you want to wake up from?

For the full report, go here: https://www.rethinkx.com/food-and-agriculture

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